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Our Approach to Teaching


Our Belief:

Steve Adlard Soccer Camps values and understands the strength in building relationships with each player and parent. We believe that people are more important than soccer. With anyone that comes into our camps and for anyone we encounter in our lives, SASC will show sincerity and respect to always try and better the lives of those around us. Through a philosophy of “life is play,” we never try to force a method upon our players but rather live a life of genuine curiosity and desire for learning. We live a career of pure enjoyment in what we are doing. Enjoying our life of soccer to the fullest is infectious to players, kids, and families. It fascinates and stimulates others around our community. Collectively we ignite a life of passion, creativity, and knowledge to encourage success for all.


We believe creativity, curiosity and imagination are the roots of success. It drives innovation and growth that allows creative people to stimulate creativity in others. Developing imagination and creativity is best ignited through osmosis with the interaction of our staff members. We want kids to absorb creativity from each other and from their coaches in order to be as successful as possible on and off the field. 


Learn the game in its complexity so that you can teach the game in simplicity.
— Andy Adlard

How we put this belief into practice:

SASC has a staff of coaches that are curious by nature. We live our chosen profession everyday as it is our way of life. We are always seeking to learn more to find better ways of teaching the game. We lead by action and engaging our players in conversation as well as skill repetition. Thought experiments are often just as valuable as physical practice. Combing the two has proven to work best for us.

We prefer to design exercises and drills that force players to be aware of their surroundings. Meaning, that they must make choices, adapt and recognize how to solve a problem. As a staff we do our best to stay away from monotonous memorization drills as this does not reflect the game in reality. The game is constantly testing you to adapt, make choices and solve problems on the fly so we need to replicate these scenarios as often as possible. For instance, if we have a passing exercise we enforce restrictions of the drill to allow players to make a choice which then in return forces their teammates involved to adapt and read each other. This provides a level of creativity and decision making that can translate to the game. 

We also ask players to visualize and practice mental training as we feel this is a major component to becoming more creative. We achieve this by asking our players questions before, during, or after certain drills. This forces them to see images in their mind and reflect on how the training can be implemented in the game. Our hopes are this becomes habit and each player can teach themselves how to improve and learn on their own.