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Passion and Teamwork.


Steve Adlard Soccer Camps started like any good business. From the ground up with nothing but pure passion, teamwork and hard work. When Steve moved to Wisconsin to be the head coach at Marquette University in 1993 he also started his first Steve Adlard Premier Soccer Camp. This camp only had 8 kids but as Steve was, he coached his heart out for those 8 kids and to this day we cannot thank them enough for signing up that year. They were the foundation to what sparked something great. The next year camp tripled in size then the next it doubled again and by the 6th year there were over 100 kids learning and enjoying the game under Steve’s guidance. By 1999 it was official that Steve Adlard Premier Soccer Camp was the place to be every summer.

As the life of a coach is, Steve had to leave Wisconsin in 2007 to take a job as State Director in Idaho and ODP Region 4 Camp Director. This meant Wisconsin was left without Steve’s prestigious camp for 11 years. All of the previous participants went on with their soccer careers and forever remembered Steve Adlard. Steve returned to Wisconsin in 2016 for partial retirement but never could step away from the game completely. He started coaching for FC Wisconsin, the local club run by a former player, Billy Solberg. His influence on the game of soccer and the players he encountered were realized at this moment as coach to player and player to coach came a full circle. Without doubt there were plans to continue running Steve Adlard Soccer Camp in some shape or form but due to life’s uncertainties Steve passed away just shy of being home for two years.

His son Andy, inspired by his Father and mentor to become a coach himself is working to rebuild the camps legacy. Andy is aware of the daunting task he has ahead of him and try to live up to his Father’s prowess but if you knew Steve, he had a way of making you feel at ease about it. However, Andy is not alone and he has a great family around him to support him. From Shelly, Steve’s Bride (as he called her), to daughter Susan, Son in Law Jake, Daughter in Law Hailey, all former players and friends, the list goes on and on. The camp will be rebuilt off of Steve’s foundations of passion, teamwork, and hard work.

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